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navigating IMOs

Navigating the World of IMOs

In the dynamic landscape of insurance marketing organizations (IMOs), making informed decisions is crucial for agents seeking the best products and services. An IMO health check is essential to ensure alignment with your goals and set the stage for success.

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Compensation growth

New Year, New Compensation Growth

Whether you’re part of an organization, an IMO, a captive agency, or have any ties to carriers, your success hinges on one key factor: Does your organization have a solid game plan for growing compensation alongside company growth?

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Compensation for agents

All About Compensation

Commission structure is one of the top factors that determines how an agent performs and how successful they can be in the industry. An agent can only be as successful as their current organization’s earning potential allows.

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agents and leads

Where Agents Go Wrong with Leads

Agents, you’re doing something wrong with the leads that you’re working right now. If you are treating a lead as a lead, you are certainly headed for very disastrous results for your sales.

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happy holidays

Holidays Are For Family

During the holidays, do you feel like you are physically present with your family but mentally somewhere else, say, work? Many sales roles can feel like you are never able to take a proper break to spend time with your loved ones, but we don’t think it should be that way.

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continue learning

Power of Continued Learning

Although life insurance and sales in general feels like an antiquated business, it is evolving and shifting constantly. As new technologies and new consumer habits come to light, sales needs to evolve along with that to stay in touch with what works in the current marketplace.

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Insurtech to Improve Your Business

The life insurance industry has seen huge changes over the last few years. Life insurance agents have transitioned to working remotely, leads are being digitally generated and clients are looking to digital solutions for their financial needs.

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AI Blog cover

AI in the Insurance Industry

The life insurance industry, along with many others, is now faced with a goliath: AI. Artificial intelligence has been on the horizon for a few years, and it now appears to be here for good. So, with this new technology and its imminent blessings and curses, should we be afraid?

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Our Unique Products

Direct to Consumer

Our Direct-to-Consumer platform allows clients to buy an insurance policy on their own, from their computer. The agent that sent them to the site is still their agent and gets paid the commission for the sale!

40 Year Term Insurance

Recently launched with Legal and General of America (LGA), Quility Term Plus (QTP) offers terms up to 40-years, $2 million in coverage and preferred plus to table 12.


MyQuility is live and available for all agents to sign up. After signing up, agents and clients can get deals at more than 300,000 US retail locations and 1 million travel options worldwide with MyQuility.


QuilityRx is available for free to clients and agents, whether you have health insurance or not, and it is accepted at 35,000 pharmacies nationwide. It can even be used at pharmacies for pet prescriptions!

Quility Financial Advisors

Quility Financial Advisors is a new partnership with a group of retirement professionals who will offer services to your clients and you'll get 60 to 80% of the app split!

Book of Business Management

The Book of Business Management allows agents to have the necessary support needed in order to not only grow, but also elevate their independent agency!