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Watch our Corporate Overview to learn more about how we are revolutionizing the insurance industry!

Meet Edward Pritchett

Edward is a Managing Partner at Symmetry, powered by Quility, and is CEO of the largest agency with the highest retention rate in all of Symmetry. He brings out the best in his agents and staff through mentorship and facilitating personal and professional growth.

The unifying element of Edward’s companies is his dedication to helping others and bettering the communities around him, and he has surrounded himself with people who are equally as driven. Edward currently resides in Dorado, Puerto Rico with his wife, Rebecca, and their four children.

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Our Unique Products

Direct to Consumer

Our Direct-to-Consumer platform allows clients to buy an insurance policy on their own, from their computer. The agent that sent them to the site is still their agent and gets paid the commission for the sale!


QuilityRx is available for free to clients and agents, whether you have health insurance or not, and it is accepted at 35,000 pharmacies nationwide. It can even be used at pharmacies for pet prescriptions!


MyQuility is live and available for all agents to sign up. After signing up, agents and clients can get deals at more than 300,000 US retail locations and 1 million travel options worldwide with MyQuility.

40 Year Term Insurance

Recently launched with Legal and General of America (LGA), Quility Term Plus (QTP) offers terms up to 40-years, $2 million in coverage and preferred plus to table 12.

Quility Financial Advisors

Quility Financial Advisors is a new partnership with a group of retirement professionals who will offer services to your clients and you'll get 60 to 80% of the app split!

Book of Business Management

The Book of Business Management allows agents to have the necessary support needed in order to not only grow, but also elevate their independent agency!

Four Steps to Success

By following these steps, you will be equipped with everything you need to achieve your ideal career and create your legacy, all while serving clients in their own life’s journey.

Step 1

Currently have or be willing to acquire a life insurance license.

Step 2

Educate yourself on Symmetry's unique product offerings.

Own Your Career with the Pritchett Agency

Step 3

Follow Symmetry's proven training, and attend mentorship coaching.

Step 4

Create a life of true wealth for yourself, your family, and your clients.

Meet Our team

At the Pritchett Agency, we take care to dedicate the time and resources necessary to provide our insurance agents with all the tools and resources they need to be successful.

Mike Gamba

Agency Director  |  Pritchett Baseshop Director

As Pritchett Baseshop Director, Mike ensures that all incoming agents have exactly what they need to succeed. He offers mentorship according to each agent’s needs and helps guide agents through our proven training and coaching programs.

Doug Suttenfield

Team Leader  |  Pritchett Baseshop New Agent Mentor

As Pritchett Baseshop New Agent Mentor, Doug provides incoming agents with guided mentorship to help them through the onboarding process. Having been an agent for the last 11 years Doug has reached over $250,000 in production and specializes in a number of products, including annuities, Debt Free Life, mortgage protection, and more!

Becca Pavlik

Sales Representative  |  Agent Success Facilitator

As Agent Success Facilitator, Becca works hard to make sure all new agents have everything they need to get started! From getting contracted to writing new business, Becca is there to make sure agents have the support they need.

Not Licensed? No Problem!

If you’re considering getting licensed, we have good news! The Pritchett Agency has partnered with LicenseCoach to offer agents a discounted rate on acquiring their license.

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Use Offer Code: SFG1444

Agent Support
+ Growth

From training and educational videos, to mentorship and true agency ownership, to proprietary technology and resources, we make a commitment to our insurance agents to help them build a sustainable and prosperous career.

Diverse and proven lead system for our entire insurance product portfolio.

Summit training exclusively built for Symmetry agents.

Marketing and Recruiting support to build your business.

Ongoing mentorship with calls, webinars and events

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers most frequently asked.

Symmetry Financial Group is our IMO, whose parent company is Quility. Quility provides technology and services for agents, as well as unique products that Symmetry agents can leverage. Symmetry handles all contracting, leads, and agent resources on behalf of the agencies.

Training begins with Basecamp, which is part of our online learning management system, called Summit. The basecamp portion is about 6 hours worth of training and can be completed in a day or two. Training for our agents is ongoing through the Summit platform and will guide you in 4 different phases after Basecamp. Each phase connects to a range of contract levels that you will be moving through at that time.

Your direct mentor will be Mike Gamba, he is an Agency Director, a top producer, has been with Symmetry for almost 9 years, and currently serves as our Baseshop Director. You will also have access to our new agent mentor, Doug Suttenfield, an 11-year veteran with us, top producer, and subject matter expert on Annuities, Debt Free Life, and Medicare plans. In addition to those amazing mentors, you will have access to the fullness of the Symmetry platform which allows you to receive training from top agents and builders across the company.

The marketing that Symmetry and its parent company Quility provide us with for recruiting is twofold: First, they provide marketing templates we can use on social media and recruiting websites, should we choose to use systems like that. There are many videos and other digital assets that can be used for these recruiting methods as well. Second, through its MyQuility platform, partnerships with Walmart, the NFL, NFL Alumni Association, as well as Commerce bank, Quility provides us with greater name recognition as we look to recruit and build our organizations here.

As long as an agent stays in good standing with Symmetry and the carriers, by not churning business when they leave and maintain an active appointment with the carrier, their book of business stays with them. This allows them to continue to receive any renewal commission that is owed to them as long as the client keeps the policy active. This is what is meant by being able to own your book of business with Symmetry.

We have over 30 carriers we are partnered with. Our core carriers include Americo, American Amicable, Mutual of Omaha, Foresters Financial, and SBLI. Other carriers include Gerber, John Hancock, National Life Group, and so many more!

As an agency within Symmetry, our agents have an arsenal of products available to offer their clients, as well as products specific to the Pritchett Agency, like Bulletproof Retirement. Just a few of Symmetry’s products include: Debt Free Life; QuilityRx; MyQuility; Term Life Insurance, now officially offered at the 40-year level; Quility Financial Advisors; and so many more! Quility has also recently partnered with Walmart Health Virtual Care to be able to offer clients telehealth visits for as low as $30/month!

Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned pro, Symmetry heavily subsidizes the cost of leads so that there are options for every budget. Spend your time selling, not prospecting! Our in-house support team connects agents with vetted and highly effective leads for all of our products, in the form of direct mail, call-ins, and digital.

The agent journey, and therefore commission income, is entirely up to each individual. Some agents opt for a more passive income route, while others often write $10,000+ in APV in a single week. To hear specific examples of part-time and full-time income potential, schedule an interview today with a hiring manager!

Agents enter on a 80% contract level, and they can work their way up to a 130% contract level. We have a producer track and a builder track, each with the same commission structure. Schedule some time to speak with a hiring manager to learn more about commission structure, compensation, and bonuses.

Edward Pritchett

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Earn Trips Around the World

At the Pritchett Agency, you have a chance to earn trips all around the globe, all through our agency, Quility, and our many insurance carriers!

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When he is not meeting with clients to provide insurance policies, Edward Pritchett is educating and mentoring agents, new and old. To hear from Edward directly, check out our YouTube Channel!

Explore our YouTube Channel

Watch Our Videos

When he is not meeting with clients to provide insurance policies, Edward Pritchett is educating and mentoring agents, new and old. To hear from Edward directly, check out our YouTube Channel!