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Inspiring Legacy. Fostering Growth.

Meet Edward Pritchett

Edward Pritchett is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for helping insurance agents realize their growth potential.

After graduating from Yale University with his degree in chemical engineering, Edward found that engineering didn’t afford him the opportunity to help others as he had hoped. Following a brief period as a captive life insurance agent, Edward found Symmetry Financial Group, and everything clicked.

Since 2011, Edward has built his insurance business to one of the largest in Symmetry, with the highest agent retention rate. Since 2019 his agency has produced at or above $30 million, and produced over $50 million since 2022.

While he still continues to sell insurance policies, Edward has prioritized his attention on educating and training other insurance agents. Edward shares the techniques that have secured his success with other agents, fostering a community of growth, empowerment, and legacy.

Edward's Impact

We don't create your legacy, we help make it better. At the Pritchett Agency we strive to help our clients, agents, and staff alike create the greatest legacy for themselves and for their families.

Own Your Career with the Pritchett Agency

Why The Pritchett Agency

Edward Pritchett

Edward has dedicated his career to helping others build a business and a legacy they can be proud of.

14 Years Insurance Experience

Edward entered the insurance industry in 2010 and began working with Symmetry, powered by Quility in 2011. During that time, Edward has grown his agency to one of the largest within Symmetry.

Highest Agency Retention Rate

Edward is dedicated to cultivating a supportive and enriching work culture that agents want to be a part of. From dedicated support staff, to unique training and resources, the Pritchett Agency is an ideal environment for agents looking to grow their business.

Dedicated Support Staff

Edward has hired an entire staff that is dedicated to providing agents support in order to ensure their success. His staff assists in matters of contracting, new agent training, sales skills, business building, technology, marketing, and anything else agents may need.

Hands-on Mentorship

Through tailored training and thoughtful mentorship, Edward goes beyond insurance education. He teaches his agents everything they need to know in order to run their own business and sustainably grow it.

Thorough Knowledge of the Industry

After failing to succeed as a captive agent, Edward learned many lessons during his time at Aflac. Since partnering with Symmetry, powered by Quility, Edward has helped develop and implement many of the tools and training that Symmetry provides its agents.

Edward's Videos

Edward is leading the industry in a profound way, by not only mentoring his own agents, but providing invaluable sales and business training to all who are looking to grow. Check out some of his videos to see for yourself!