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Why Is $30,527 APV in a Week Not a Big Deal?

May 5, 2022

What is a word that you do not hear used in association with the insurance industry, but is a must for the acceleration of growth in business? 

We think INNOVATION fits that spot very well.

Our industry is long lasting and continues to grow because we provide a valuable service that is indispensable to the human psyche, and that is security. However, the way that product is typically distributed has not changed much over the past 125 years.

Does this sound familiar? Client sees an advertisement (with free offer) and responds to it; agent calls client and books an appointment to give them the no-cost offer from the advertisement; client is actually present for appointment (surprise); agent flips the conversation to why the client needs life insurance; agent pushes for a sale. Wash, rinse, repeat.

This still works and always will to one degree or another. However, there are ways to combine personal service, with technological convenience, and machine learning to predict buying patterns that savvy agents can take advantage of. Some of these techniques can allow agents to sell more insurance in a virtual manner than ever before: A necessity in the day and age in which we now live. 

Symmetry Financial Group and Quility Insurance have partnered with agencies like ours to create Direct-to-Consumer platforms for independent agents to leverage, which are supported by technology that can target ads to potential clients who are looking for exactly what we have to offer.

What is it? A Direct-to-Consumer platform allows clients to buy an insurance policy on their own. Get a quote, fill out the application, and have it submitted to the insurance carriers on their behalf. They get an instant decision from the carrier and can bind coverage immediately. They still have a live agent to provide them with continued service and relationship. That is you, the agent, who guided them to the site, will be their agent and get paid the full commission for the sale! 

So you, as an agent, can earn income 24/7 by driving traffic from social media and warm market for clients who prefer to get coverage on their own time, while still doing your regular field work!

You as the agent have access to real-time dashboards for status updates on all applications so that you can track how your 24/7 storefront is performing! Of my $30,527 APV in production the week ending April 29th, 2022, $5,632 APV came from my Direct-to-Consumer site!

As we say, Your Link, Your Commission.

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