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5 Daily Habits That Drive Success for Insurance Agents and Business Owners

October 18, 2023

As business owners, we are constantly fed recipes or a “secret sauce” for the perfect work day, but the reality is that everyone finds success differently. However, there are core things that are essential to include in your day to maximize your success as an insurance agent and business owner.


Ask any successful business owner about their morning routine, and nearly all of them will list reading as an important part of their routine. Reading helps agents and business owners nurture a growth and learning mindset. This can be the latest industry news, articles on building a business, or books that explore personal development. For agents looking to grow their business stay informed and up-to-date, reading allows them to adapt as industry technology and business techniques evolve.


Maintaining physical well-being is crucial to having a healthy and balanced daily routine. Even if you only have 15 minutes to spare, it is important to exercise daily. Exercise doesn’t just contribute to good health; it also boosts energy levels and sharpens mental focus. Whether you are a morning person, or prefer to use work breaks in the afternoon for taking a walk around the block, exercise is an essential part of any routine to help a business owner tackle the daily challenges of their job.


While this one may be obvious, it is an important habit. Effective time management is the cornerstone of success for an insurance agent looking to grow their business. Scheduling your day can look different for everyone, as we all have specific systems that work for us, but it is important to have that structure. Allocating time for client meetings, prospecting, administrative tasks, and professional development is a good place to start. Having a daily schedule can also help ensure you are not only making time for your business, but also for your family and personal well-being.


Meditation can take on many different forms, and it can be either a secular or religious practice. If religious, maybe your meditation time includes some form of prayer. If not, meditating may simply be a time to be still and quiet with your own thoughts. Whatever this looks like for you, meditating is a pivotal moment in the day to focus on core values and align your day with your foundational beliefs and goals. By starting your day with meditation, agents and business owners can visualize the steps they need to take in a day to maintain their objectives.

Talk to Your Agents

Routine is essential, but nothing is more critical than maintaining strong and open communication with your team. That’s why I hold daily meetings with my agents. Connecting with your agents daily builds a sense of community within the team and ensures that everyone feels heard and valued. They also provide a platform for addressing concerns, sharing ideas, and tracking progress. By consistently talking to my agents, I gain valuable insights into their journeys, challenges, and successes, and more importantly, I’m able to help them become successful in their journeys.

Why is talking to your agents the most crucial habit of all?

In the insurance industry, success hinges on building strong relationships, both with clients and within your team. By communicating daily with agents, business owners create a supportive environment where everyone can thrive. These conversations allow us to understand the unique needs and goals of each team member and provide the necessary guidance and support. Additionally, speaking with agents at different points in their journeys elucidates pain points and diverse perspectives that you may not have otherwise considered.

Moreover, regular meetings with my agents foster a sense of unity and purpose. They ensure that everyone is aligned with our company’s mission and objectives of helping families through insurance solutions. This alignment is essential for working as a cohesive team, which, in turn, enhances our ability to meet our clients’ needs and drive business growth.

Time to Succeed

Achieving success as an insurance agent and business owner requires discipline, continuous learning, and a strong support system. By incorporating these five daily habits – reading, exercising, scheduling your day, meditating, and talking to your agents – you can create a solid foundation for reaching your personal and professional goals. Among these habits, maintaining open communication with your team is the mortar that binds it all together. In the world of insurance, where personal relationships and teamwork are paramount, it’s the secret to lasting success. As you build your business it is important to acknowledge that an agency is most successful when all agents are thriving.

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