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Diversifying Can Help You Reach More Clients

March 10, 2022

Never in the history of business has it been easier to communicate with potential clients, while at the same time harder than ever to deliver a clear message. There are so many channels to connect with a client; telephone and door knocking were formerly the only ways. Now we have email, text, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp – I could keep going, but it would get a bit ridiculous. It almost makes you wish we could send smoke signals or use nautical flags just as a throwback. The noise is deafening, and we must find ways to cut through it.

I sat down last week with Joe Jordan, author of Living a Life of Significance and insurance industry expert, to discuss the future for agents within the insurance industry. I am excited that we have launched our YouTube channel to share this interview and other short training videos for agents. You can learn from the best in the industry about how to communicate better with potential clients.

One key way that Joe shared is that we need to add more diversity to our industry. As we close out Black History Month and start celebrating Women’s History Month, it is a great time to consider ways to increase both gender and racial diversity in insurance. Sometimes, a client just wants to speak with someone they can relate to. And having more people of color and women in a position to help clients will allow our industry to continue to grow with strength. It is one of the reasons that our IMO started Con·nect, a group that promotes women in leadership roles in the insurance industry. 

Learn more here.

As you move through this year, think about the ways that greater diversity for yourself and your agents can help you communicate with a group of clients that you may not be reaching right now. To learn more about what we are doing, follow us and see the future of the insurance industry.


Edward Pritchett

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