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August 30, 2023

With the products available at Symmetry, Powered by Quility, our agents offer clients comprehensive insurance options that are not available at all agencies. Advanced Market solutions give agents an opportunity to meet more of their clients’ needs than just plain life insurance.

Debt Free Life

Debt Free Life is a proprietary product offered by Symmetry. It helps clients pay off their debt by using the cash value of a specialized participating whole life insurance policy. Therefore clients  pay off their debt in record time, and agents have the satisfaction of knowing they provided an invaluable service.

As more Americans find themselves in debt, this is a golden opportunity to reach those clients and help them find a solution to ease their financial burden. This demand means agents could build an entire book of business around advanced markets products alone!

Meet Ike Muonelo

Agency Owner, Ike Muonelo, is a perfect example of this.

He started out as a sales representative with The Pritchett Agency at an 80% contract level in the fall of 2021. Now, June 2023, Ike is at a 120% contract level and is an Agency Owner and Elite Producer.

How? He harnessed the power of advanced market products.

In the last 6 months, of the $512,518 in total APV that his agency did, 33% of that was in Debt Free Life sales alone. That’s $167,255 of DFL production in just 6 months!

Ike himself also produced over $93,000 in DFL policies in those 6 months. That is more than half of the DFL production for his entire agency.

Leading the Pack

Ike not only leads his team to leverage the power of products like DFL, he additionally adopts a strategy of sharing percentages of his production with his agents through split applications. This means that a portion of the production he generates is allocated to other agents, thus boosting their success as well. Of the DFL policies he wrote in the last 6 months, 42% were split with his agents.

With the products available through Symmetry, and the mentorship and support offered at The Pritchett Agency, agents have a unique opportunity to scale their business to new heights.

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