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A Spotlight on Edward Pritchett

February 22, 2023

In honor of Black History Month, we would like to give a special spotlight on Edward Pritchett, CEO of his two insurance companies, The Pritchett Agency and Proxima LLC, and Managing Partner and Advisory Board Member with Symmetry Financial Group. 

In 2005, Edward Pritchett graduated from Yale University as a Chemical Engineer, following in his father’s footsteps. After his mother’s sudden passing that same year, Edward was first exposed to the fundamental importance of life insurance, since his family would have lost their house without it. In 2008, Edward left his engineering career behind following the Great Recession, in pursuit of a more sustainable career. 

He got his start in the insurance industry like so many other agents: a captive agent working without freedom of time nor growth. In 2011, Edward made the switch to Symmetry, powered by Quility, which completely changed his career trajectory for the better. 

In speaking with a mentor during that time, Edward understood the full impact of his mother’s decision to buy life insurance. He realized his family would have suffered so much more from a financial standpoint when his mother passed away. This gave him a new purpose and drive to make sure he could help as many families as possible, which is exactly what this industry is about. “We stand in the gap when the world has kept going after the loss of someone that not only loved you, but supported you in so many ways, including financially.”

Now, 12 years after his first foray into Symmetry’s culture of growth and freedom, Edward operates the largest agency within the organization. It’s this very culture that affords him the freedom to truly own his career and have the ability to travel the world, grow personally and professionally, and be present for his family every day.

Moreover, Edward credits his personal culture as a cornerstone of his success. His culture, from a familial and ethical standpoint he defines as “the belief in the Creator, actions of service to others, looking out for the less fortunate, giving your best effort in all you do, and creating something that is bigger than you.”

“This has given me faith during times of struggle, hope for a more positive future, and determination to see things through to the end for not only my benefit but that of those I work with, my clients, and my family. The culture of my family and Black America has equipped me to be a leader in my industry and I am proud to represent that culture in this manner.”

In a time where divisiveness continues to tear at the very fabric of our nation, Edward feels blessed to work with people who look for times and opportunities to celebrate the achievements of others no matter the perceived differences. He believes that in an environment where differences are not just tolerated, but celebrated, we will collectively be able to do the seemingly impossible.

Edward is in constant pursuit of opportunities to share his knowledge, expertise, and perspective so that he may help other agents succeed. He meets with other industry experts, like Cody Askins, Joe Jordan, and Roger Short, to bring valuable content to empower insurance agents and business owners of all kinds.

As a leader of not only his many successful companies, but also as a father and a husband, Edward pours his entire self into building up and celebrating others.

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