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Power of Continued Learning

November 16, 2023

Although life insurance and sales in general feels like an antiquated business, it is evolving and shifting constantly. As new technologies and new consumer habits come to light, sales needs to evolve along with that to stay in touch with what works in the current marketplace. 

More than simply to learn new techniques and technologies, continuing education for agents is crucial to stay in a growth mindset. If you are not seeking out new knowledge, odds are you are falling behind. A growth mindset keeps your focus on seeking new opportunities and solving problems in new, efficient ways.


There are some excellent free and paid opportunities to continue growing your sales skills and insurance knowledge. Subscribing to a newsletter (like this one), or a YouTube channel can keep that information flowing in as new content is posted, to make learning a habit. Additionally, searching questions and following the accounts that best answer your questions can help keep learning at the forefront of your day.


One of the best ways to stay in a growth mindset is to read every day. Whether you read about personal improvement or specific skills related to your industry, books and articles help fulfill that need. If you have a mentor you respect, ask them what they are reading or if they have any favorite books.


Finally, for a more in-depth learning experience, agents can purchase a course that matches what they are looking to accomplish. Courses like Jeremy Miner’s NEPQ offer agents a prescribed goal and a curriculum for accomplishing that goal, providing business owners with a structured pathway to growing their skillset.

Let's Grow

Seeking out new knowledge is key to growing a successful business and being the best leader of a business that you can be. Information is available at every price point, but the important part is that you are seeking it. Staying in a growth mindset is easiest when you surround yourself with other growth-minded individuals. At The Pritchett Agency, our goal is to grow together, which is why mentorship and daily support calls are so crucial to our agents and their success.

So, are you ready to grow?

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