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August 25, 2022

As a new agency owner it is often difficult to find a bank willing to issue a business line of credit. Which is why Quility is partnering with Commerce Bank. This way agents can build business credit and help their agencies grow. Commerce Bank was established over 150 years ago. Now it is a Forbes 2022 Best Bank, with almost $33 billion in assets under management. With this exciting partnership, agents have the opportunity to grow their businesses in a meaningful way.

Additionally, Quility is partnering with the NFL and the NFL Alumni Association to bring, not only greater visibility to the agencies within the Quility name, but also over 17,000 NFL alumni in potential future clients for agents. 

And they didn’t stop there…

Quility and Walmart Health Virtual Care together are bringing even better care for clients like never before, all while saving them money! Agents can now offer clients Virtual Care to further improve their quality of life in addition to the already invaluable services Quility offers. As a result, clients will save money while getting enhanced access to comprehensive care. 

This is just one of the many examples of Quility’s dedication to improving the agent experience and ensuring that all agents get the chance to succeed!

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