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Where Agents Are Going Wrong with Leads

November 29, 2023

Agents, you’re doing something wrong with the leads that you’re working right now.

First let’s look at what a lead is. Is it a piece of paper? Something you paid for? A potential client? A sale? Is it your next car payment? What is a lead?

A lead is none of those things. A lead is a person; someone with a unique set of needs, factors, and circumstances.

If you are treating a lead as a lead, you are certainly headed for very disastrous results for your sales.

What Clients Really Want

People are wanting to connect, more than they ever have before. They are wanting to make sure that you are someone who they can trust. They want to take their time and buy on their own timeline. People want to make sure that you understand their situation. If you understand their situation, you can actually figure out if there is a problem that you can help solve in the first place.

Don't Get Discouraged

Maybe there won’t be a sale with every client lead when you first have a conversation with them. However, by developing a genuine rapport and an actual connection with that person, they know that you understand their situation, you’re trying to figure out their problems, and most importantly, you are helping to bring solutions to solve that problem. Maybe they are not ready to buy at that time, but you can build a trusting relationship with that lead to help guide them when they are ready.

This is where most agents go wrong. Many agents try to treat leads like a boiler room: making sales calls, working the numbers, applying pressure to the leads, giving logical reasons why they need to purchase a particular product, and at times even come across as abrasive.

That is just not how people want to buy. Those days are over.

Stay tuned for our next blog where we will discuss what agents can be doing instead!

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